Powerful engagement tools. 
Increased reach for your organization.

Our Board Engagement solutions will empower your most dedicated supporters to raise both awareness and funds on behalf of your organization.  You'll have a more engaged board and a deeper supporter network.

Your Board Members are hungry to do more.  Give them the chance with Supporter Hosted Events.

Give your Board Members access to the full suite of Cherryfish tools including a fully developed ticketing and auction platform. Your organization maintains full access to controls and insights from all events run on your behalf so your staff gets the best of both worlds: increased activity with a minimized workload.  

You'll have full information on all gifts given through supporter hosted events for more effective data collection and gift stewardship. There's no limit to the number of events that your Board can hold on behalf of your organization and funds flow directly to your bank account. All event information rolls up directly to your organizational dashboard.

Unlock your board's creativity in support of your mission and empower them to seek out new connections for you

Using the full capabilities of Cherryfish, your board can easily host events on your behalf

Recognize your top performing board members and empower them to reach into their networks

Track Member Contributions for Tickets and Donations

Every board member can get credit for the donations they bring in and the ticket sales they generate.  This is a simple way to track a "Give / Get" commitment for each member. All funds go directly to the charity's bank account so you can avoid the hassle of coordinating money. All data is visible at the appropriate levels and available for export.

Maintain control of your data with centralized cash flows and reporting. See which members are responsible for incoming donations and tickets

Set transparent "Give or Get" goals for your board and enable your staff to develop powerful accountability measures

All events on Cherryfish can utilize the ticketing and pages features to credit board members with activity that they drive

The Full Power of Cherryfish

Your organization will also have the full power of all the features available on Cherryfish.  From our fully-integrated events and volunteer management platform to our full suite of crowdfunding and peer-to-peer tools, you'll have access to unlimited use of everything that Cherryfish has to offer. 

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