Raise more money for your partners. Save your organization time.

Cherryfish is a platform designed to help fiscal sponsors and their partner projects efficiently raise more money. You'll increase your impact by enhancing the fundraising efforts of your partners, without increasing your administrative workload.  Watch the video above for a short intro to the platform and then book a demo below. We'll walk you through everything.  

In your 20-minute demo, we'll cover:

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    Building capacity for your partner projects by enabling them to use next level crowdfunding technology 
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    Using streamlined reporting to track cashflows for all partner organizations 
  • Adding value to your partner recruiting pitch by offering powerful fundraising tools

Signing up is easy and makes an instant impact on your fundraising:

Sign up with Cherryfish and get your partner projects up and running

Quickly and easily build and launch campaigns for you and your partners

Within days of signing up, collect your first crowdfunding donations toward your project

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