Increased fundraising capacity for your students.
Better data visibility and controls for you.

Check out our short demo above to see some of the crowdfunding techniques that will be available to your students to raise money for
their clubs and organizations.

They'll be empowered to raise more than ever and you'll maintain control and insight into all the fundraising activity happening across all your student organizations.  When you're ready to go, schedule a live demo below.

In your 15-minute demo, you'll learn about:

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    Using crowdfunding to fund unexpected expenses or opportunities for student groups
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    Peer-to-peer fundraisers for individual students to allow them to leverage their networks
  • Cherryfish's easy to use backend interface that gives you total visibility and control 

Signing up is easy and makes an instant impact on your fundraising:

Sign up with Cherryfish and roll it out to your student organizations

Quickly and easily allow them to build their first campaigns on the platform

In as little as a week, collect your first donations toward specific groups

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