Increased fundraising capacity for your students.
Better data visibility and controls for you.

Our Student Fundraising solutions will open up new ways for your students to engage in fundraising for their clubs and organizations while your office maintains deep insight and control.

Enhance Student Organization Fundraising

Streamline your student organizations while empowering them to be creative.  With Cherryfish's powerful event tools, you can distribute a single system to enable any kind of fundraising initiative your students can think of.  From auctioning off sports memorabilia for a club to selling tickets to an open house, the range of possibilities is limited only by your students' creativity.  

Gain support from new donors that are engaged with student organizations.  Gain insight into existing donors that have unique ties with your institution.  Unlock creativity, without sacrificing control, with our powerful student organization fundraising solution.

Maintain control of your data with centralized cash flows and reporting. See where funds are coming in and enhance your stewardship capabilities.

Develop a department-wide fundraising strategy.  Set goals and benchmarks and track progress across all clubs and student organizations.

Gain visibility into event level fundraisers including all attendance and guest data.  Give all student events a cohesive look and feel that fits your brand.

You can empower your students to raise funds while maintaining full control of the platform

If you've had difficulty with student groups and organizations "doing their own thing" in the past, without consultation or direction, Cherryfish can be a win-win: your students gain a high quality set of tools for fundraising while you get to maintain control. 

The Full Power of Cherryfish

Your organization will also have the full power of all the features available on Cherryfish.  From our fully-integrated events and volunteer management platform to our full suite of crowdfunding and peer-to-peer tools, you'll have access to unlimited use of everything that Cherryfish has to offer. 

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