Chapter 3:

Using Next Level Crowdfunding to Partner for Impact

You've identified your crowd and you've started to think about engaging with them.

Now that you you've found your crowd and started to gather some data about their passions, it’s time to take a look at exactly what your ask will be. When it comes time to engage with your crowd, your Passion Driven, Goal Oriented ask will focus on one of three different things:  We call them them the Three P's of Next Level Crowdfunding. 

You're going to invite your supporters to help with a Project, a Program, or Peer-to-peer fundraising.

Ultimately, you'll want to incorporate asks involving all three into your yearly fundraising strategy, and there are needs and occasions that lend themselves well to one of the Three P's.  Importantly, mixing up your strategy will 


1. Programs

Your organization does a lot, and chances are the people who support you are drawn especially drawn to a specific part of the mission.  For example, if you're a high school, your donors might love your band program, the cross country teams, the theater productions, or the scholarship fund.  All these programs add serious value to your mission and all of them have their own rings of supporters.  By engaging them in raising funds directly for a targeted program, you can make every donor feel connected to your cause in the same way that you connect major donors to your mission.  

If you're looking for ways to funnel money to a specific program, you might consider creating a giving page for the areas that you know your supporters are passionate about. By creating a more concrete connection between their gift and the targeted program, you'll inspire more generosity and increase donor satisfaction.  Days of Giving are also a great way to drive donation activity directly to a program.  

2. Projects

Every year, you need to raise money to cover specific projects that span your entire operation.  These projects range from capital expenditures to launching new initiatives.  These special projects are an ideal entry point to the giving discussion with your supporters.  Since they are more likely to a non-recurring event, you're likely to find more success after you already Know Your Crowd, but if you're not there yet and a need emerges, feel free to invite your whole community to participate.  

When you have a project that you know your supporters will love, create the opportunity for them to give

Projects are a natural fit for the crowdfunding method because they are naturally time-bound which can help with creating urgency surrounding the goal that you set.  If you use Cherryfish, you'll have an unlimited number of giving pages that you can use to break up your goal into manageable pieces and drive giving to any number of target initiatives around your organization.  Your donors will feel connected to their gift and you'll have a tailor made opportunity to demonstrate the impact that they make with updates on the project.  

3. Peer-to-Peer

There are two benefits to organizing a peer-to-peer program at your organization.  First, it invites those who don't have financial means to still meaningfully impact your organizations revenues.  Second, the donors that those supporters invite into partnership with your organization are exactly the kind of people that you want to steward well. 

If done well, a peer-to-peer fundraising program will grow both your revenue and your donor pool.

Your supporters will be connecting with their passions and with their friends, amplifying their impact.  Also a good peer-to-peer program will allow you to fill the middle ground between people are willing to buy a ticket to an event and people so passionate they are running the events; You have a percentage of your supporters who are willing to do more.  Use peer-to-peer fundraising to empower them.  

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