Chapter 4:

Boosting Annual giving with crowdfunding

You've Identified your Crowd and settled on your three p's: Now it's time to supercharge your annual giving

You've mapped out the projects and programs that your Crowd will want to support. Let's see how we can apply all the lessons we've learned so far to boosting up your annual giving efforts.  

With Next Level Crowdfunding, rather than sending out a generic appeal a few times a year and hoping for the best, you'll be targeting key budget priorities and reaching out to the people you know will be energized by them.  You'll set up concrete goals so that your supporters can directly see the impact of their contribution and create urgency by building a compelling, timeline-dependent narrative that authentically represents your mission.  


Day of Giving

A day dedicated to celebrating your organization and highlighting the good that it does. Also serves to push funds to targeted areas and projects, which is good for both stewardship and future segmentation.

Quarterly projects

For the last month of every quarter, run a mini-campaign for a project that will energize supporters of your organization. If you have the data, direct a more targeted ask at donors likely to give, but broadly publish the effort to both highlight good work being done and drive giving more broadly.

National and Local Giving Days

Whether it’s Giving Tuesday or a local initiative sponsored by a community foundation, multi-charity giving days are a great time to roll out a dedicated, goal-oriented project. The timing of Giving Tuesday actually makes it a great time to launch a 6-week campaign that can support your year-end giving efforts as well.

Year-End Appeals

Even with changes to the tax code that might de-emphasize year-end donations, December can still be a huge month for your organization. Do you have Christmas programming that you put on for your clients/students/constituents that donors would be thrilled to help support? Do you want to create a “last chance to give” campaign that focuses on funding a key need for the upcoming year?