Chapter 4:

Boosting Annual giving with crowdfunding

You've Identified your Crowd and settled on your three p's: Now it's time to supercharge your annual giving

With Next Level Crowdfunding, rather than sending out a generic appeal a few times a year and hoping for the best, you'll be targeting key budget priorities and reaching out to the people you know will be energized by them.  You'll set up concrete goals so that your supporters can directly see the impact of their contribution and create urgency by building a compelling, timeline-dependent narrative that authentically represents your mission.  


Year-End Appeals

December always has the potential to be a huge month for your fundraising efforts. Still, you can leave money on the table if you're just doing your standard, boilerplate, year-end appeal.  Your supporters have a lot of demands on their resources at the end of the year, and you can increase the likelihood that they'll choose to support you if you give them the chance to support what what they value most.  

Turn your annual appeal into a chance for your supporters to give to the programming they care most about

Some things you might ask yourself: Do you have Christmas programming that donors would be thrilled to help support? Do you want to create a “last chance to give” campaign that focuses on funding a key need for the upcoming year? These are both great reasons to give by targeting your ask appropriately you'll stand out above the rest of the crowd.  

Days of Giving

Days of Giving are great opportunities to celebrate and highlight the great work that your organization does.  While your goal will certainly be to drive funding, you'll also be creating a space where you can tell your story and even thank donors that have already contributed to making your programming possible.  

Donors want to make an impact, and a Day of Giving is way to both tell impactful stories and raise critical funds.

Whether it's a dedicated day for your organization, Giving Tuesday, or a local initiative sponsored by a community foundation, giving days are a great time to roll out a dedicated, goal-oriented project. The timing of Giving Tuesday actually makes it a great time to launch a 6-week campaign that can support your year-end giving efforts as well.

You'll want to communicate with your donors well in advance what your goals are for your day of giving, and take advantage of their attention and excitement to deliver information on areas that you know are close to their hearts.  

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