Chapter 5:

closing out your campaign with next level crowdfunding

Next Level Crowdfunding methodology is exactly what you need to bring home the final phase of your capital campaign

The public phase of your campaign might only represent 5-10% of your total funding, but it’s when 80% of your donors will be exposed to your campaign. You can use Next-Level Crowdfunding to make sure those supporters have a great donor experience and can gain useful data that you can use to steward your gifts well, turning your small donors for this campaign into your major gift prospects down the road.

You’ve already sunk serious time and resources into developing the case for support for your campaign. You talked to a wide variety of constituents to hear what they valued and what they want to support. Armed with this knowledge, you carefully set your campaign priorities and you’ve solicited major gifts to form the base of your gift pyramid. As you, your staff, and your board made those asks, I’m sure you saw how excited people got to know that they were giving in a way that would align so strongly with their values and their passions. Now is your chance to open up that opportunity to all of your supporters. Here are some ways that Next-Level Crowdfunding can help make the public phase of your campaign a huge success:

  • Make sure that gifts made during the public phase, no matter the size, can be directed toward one of the campaign priorities. This is also a great time to show off the progress made toward each of your sub-goals within the campaign to create urgency and pride as you close in on the end of your campaign. This is also a great time to announce a stretch goals (if you’ve already reached your initial objective) to create further motivation
  • Peer-to-peer capabilities to empower your dedicated supporters to raise more money for your campaign on your behalf. This is a key way to empower and then recognize supporters who lack the financial capacity to make a major gift but have a broad network that they are excited to leverage for the benefit of your organization.
  • If you’ve secured one or two of your major gifts to be used as matching gifts, a crowdfunding campaign is a great way to drive the smaller gifts that are being “doubled” through the matching process