Chapter 6:

Next Level Crowdfunding for Board Engagement

Your board is critical to the success of your mission.  Use next Level crowdfunding to boost their giving and engagement.

Your board members are your biggest advocates and supporters, but they need the same motivation as any of your other supporters. By encouraging them to embrace crowdfunding principals, you’ll be able to increase their engagement and give them the tools to increase revenue for your cause, regardless of their own personal financial contributions.

You want your board to be engaged and excited about your mission, and you want them to have a stake in your organizations success. Next-Level Crowdfunding can give them both of those things.

  • By setting up a dedicated project for the board, you can give them ownership of a mission-critical piece of your budget and turn them loose. Their give-get will have greater urgency and the story that they tell to their networks will have greater power.

  • You have members of you board who are there for their programmatic expertise and connections, who might not have financial capacity to make a major gift. With crowdfunding, any donor can make a major contribution by leveraging their connections to raise funds, which in turn also increases board investment in your cause.