The Ultimate Crowdfunding Guide

Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Crowd

The Step-by-Step Guide You've Been Looking For to Get Your Crowdfunding Program off the ground. 

Crowdfunding is the current hot trend in fundraising. You know you should be doing something with it, and you know that your donors expect you to be doing it. If done right, crowdfunding can be very rewarding for nonprofits, generating support well beyond the funds raised.  

Still, launching a crowdfunding campaign can feel risky and even a little bit convoluted...

But getting started in crowdfunding might be easier than you think.  In this guide, we will clear up the confusion surrounding the idea of crowdfunding, lay out some simple steps you can follow to get started, and then we'll explain how to take crowdfunding to the next level.


We break things down by chapter 

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