Activate Your Volunteers.
Supercharge your fundraising.

Our Volunteer Fundraising solutions will help you to empower your volunteers to raise funds for any project or campaign.  Capitalize on volunteer goodwill and activate your most ardent supporters.

Empower your volunteers with Cherryfish. Raise more for your cause. 

Your volunteers give their time and talent to help support your cause.  With Cherryfish, you’ll have a tool that they can use to tap into their networks for financial support as well.  Whether it’s raising funds before a trip or hosting an event after their experience, this tool will turn your biggest supporters into effective fundraisers for your organization.  

Sign up takes just a few seconds, and your volunteers will have a shareable, customized page to share with their friends and family.  All money raised flows directly to your organization and you will gain stewardship information on a whole new group of donors.  

Explore new ways of engaging your donor base and unlock their creativity in support of your mission

Using the full capabilities of Cherryfish, individuals or corporate donors can easily host events on your behalf

Recognize your top "raisers" and empower them to reach into previously inactive portions of your community

Team-Based Fundraising Can Increase Cooperation and Spark Competition 

With Cherryfish, you can organize fundraising efforts for projects of any size.  With larger projects, with multiple groups or organizations participating as volunteers, you can form teams and let them compete to raise the most for your project. 

When you let your individual volunteer supporters join together to amplify their impact, the real winner will always be your clients and constituents.  With Cherryfish, you'll be providing the platform that enables that amplification.

All donations are flagged with identifying information regarding which team or individual raised the funds, but all revenue flows directly into your bank account

Set goals for your volunteer teams to fund specific projects and cover the costs of their participation in your mission

Your volunteers have incredible enthusiasm for your cause, and are natural ambassadors to their networks on your organization's behalf

The Full Power of Cherryfish

Your organization will also have the full power of all the features available on Cherryfish.  From our fully-integrated events and volunteer management platform to our full suite of crowdfunding and peer-to-peer tools, you'll have access to unlimited use of everything that Cherryfish has to offer. 

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